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Finally, it is particularly important to recall here that the ethical whistleblowing system that Kering set up several years ago, and which enables any individual to report a violation or suspected breach of our Code and its principles, is now available not only to Kering employees, but also to external and temporary staff working for the Group in all service providers and external partners with whom we have a contractual relationship Protecting those who report such shortcomings to us selflessly, and in good faith, is an essential commitment throughout the Group
Since 2005, when our Code of ethics replaced the Ethics Charter which we drew up in 1996, our Code of ethics has defined the major principles which frame and guide our daily actions

This Code provides a framework for what is expected from each of us in our professional activities, and when we are in contact with our employees, customers, shareholders and business partners.

We practice zero tolerance towards corruption, influence-peddling and any form of fraud, and it is vital that each and every one of us is aware of this
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is a guide intended to provide a framework for all our activities, and to protect Kering, its success and longevity
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This is the fourth edition of our Code of ethics since 2005 and it provides us with the opportunity to restate what shapes our ethical approach, at a time when our transformation into a pure player in the luxury sector has been achieved Everything has been set up within the Group to support and help you fulfil this requirement; I am counting on you
I trust that you will familiarize yourself with it and apply it on a daily basis Gucci is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands

This culture of integrity is of course based on compliance with laws and regulations, but equally on commitment to the values of the Group.

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This updated version also enables us to recall all the progress made in better preventing and detecting corruption and influence-peddling, in particular since 2015, the setting up of our Compliance Organization and the international network of Brand Compliance Officers within our Houses
This mechanism is essential, and enables us to identify any possible shortcomings in adhering to our principles, as well as the remedial steps necessary
They oversee strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in this area by defining the necessary policies and procedures, and supporting all our employees accordingly