Google classroom. Join a video meeting for education

If you're in charge of teaching on any level and are set to make a decision about online teaching tools, then Google Classroom is definitely worth considering Overall: You can teach people form different countries or time zones
Students can be invited to join a class through a private code, or automatically imported from a school domain However, you can attach links, YouTube clips, and documents though, so it's very useful yet succinct

To get started, browse or search the web in a Chrome window, find the extension or app you want, and tap on the link.

Create a class
Google Classroom is a suite of online tools that allows teachers to set assignments, have work submitted by students, to mark, and to return graded papers
For teachers, this is a minimal way to plan and carry out lesson resource sharing, assignments, and grading
Join a video meeting for education
Sure, it requires a manual sync, but then this is free compared to the automated offerings from a dedicated LMS
What devices does Google Classroom work with? Visit the Chrome Web Store on your desktop computer to discover hundreds of thousands of extensions for shoppers, designers, photographers, chefs, students, lifehackers, bloggers, and so much more As of 2021, approximately 150 million users use Google Classroom
Use Google Calendar to track assignment due dates• Teachers can also view the originality report, allowing them to verify the academic integrity of the student's submitted work This flexibility gives teachers the ability to plan and prepare well ahead

This means no costs for maintenance since there's no need for an IT management team to support this system.

What is Google Classroom?
It allows educators and students to see the parts and sections of the submitted work which contains the exact or similar wording to that of another source
Create a class
With the mobile app for iOS, students and teachers can view their classes and communicate with their classmates in real time
Create a class
Student interactions can be controlled on three levels: students can post and comment, only comment, or only teachers can post and comment