Dark desire. Is Netflix's raunchy 'Dark Desire' the antidote to sleazy '365 Days'?

season Episode title Outcome Original USA airdate 1 1 "Paging Sarah" A young, single mother's co-worker is found raped and murdered and she fears that she is next This story has been shared 973 times
To understand how she ended up in police custody, viewers are taken back six weeks earlier when she first meets Dario Guerra January 19, 2020 2020-01-19 References [ ]• The wacko is well played by Nic Robuck

Image courtesy - Still from Dark Desire The finale for Dark Desire's season one has also been clocked in at 30 minutes which gives the audience an information overload.

'Dark Desire' Ending Explained: How Netflix Show's End Sets Up Season 2
I had said I had your back
Obsession: Dark Desires
Alternatively, you can catch all 18 episodes via the or apps
Dark Desire/Oscuro Deseo Season 2: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, News
The time that we had I'll treasure
February 24, 2015 2015-02-24 19 9 "Multiple Personalities" When attorney Marc successfully defends a client, he has no idea that her gratitude will soon become a nightmare It turns out that sometimes the best theory is the most straightforward one
But I have to you! Dark Desire's first season is spanned across 18 episodes which run for 30 minutes each, it has a number of twists and turns spread across the runtime which keeps the audience hooked to the screen John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Even with triple replays of scenes, we still don't know who did what to whom.

Netflix's 'Dark Desire/Oscuro Deseo' Season 2: News, Premiere Date, Cast, Spoilers, Episodes
Esteban - Erik Hayser Playing a criminologist turned private detective, and Leonardo's brother, Esteban is Erik Hayser
'Dark Desire' spoilers: Who killed Brenda in the exotic
And now they want to get to you
'Dark Desire' spoilers: Who killed Brenda in the exotic
I can't help I'm a real good liar
For in his burning eyes, his icy heart, she recognized the beloved stranger who'd already become part of her I can't help it's my dark desire
March 8, 2016 2016-03-08 26 6 "Beauty in the Bronx" Ramon is muscular, good looking and charming too April 5, 2016 2016-04-05 30 10 "There's Something About Mary Lynn" Single mom falls for divorcee Edmonds, but early on she realizes there is something not quite right about his 10 year old son, Tennent

or would his dark desire make her whole? This story has been shared 512 times.

Netflix's 'Dark Desire/Oscuro Deseo' Season 2: News, Premiere Date, Cast, Spoilers, Episodes
So I have to you! January 13, 2015 2015-01-13 13 3 "Mad For Teacher" Linda, a special ed teacher, has taught Todd for years
Dark Desire (TV Movie 2012)
But within days of moving in, she encounters the former owner of the property and immediately realizes he has taken on a deadly obsession
Dark Desire Ending Explained: What's Next In Season 2?
DARK DESIRE The stranger silently summoned her across the continents, across the seas