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Most importantly though, I'm glad to hear you were happy with Design Master Homes I was talking to a prospective client today
BuildZoom makes it easy for clients to vet bad contractors and find good ones It's quite possible you are a legitimate user and we have made a mistake

You can use these methods, from organic search to paid advertising, to reach people interested in hiring contractors.

BuildZoom, Inc.
I have no idea how long this false review has been visible to the public
BuildZoom charges a standard 2
BuildZoom: BuildZoom is a better way to remodel. We connect homeowners to the…
The overall rating of the company is 1
This profile has a partial list of building permits that I have pulled in the last 23 years with personal information of my clients, including addresses and job costs They can also see whether your company is bonded or insured
You can capture these leads by creating a that helps them find your business first They also put on my webpage

אנחנו במשרד החינוך מבקשים להודות מקרב לב לכל החברות שנרתמו והתגייסו בעת הזאת והעמידו לרשות כלל תלמידי ישראל את הכיתה הווירטואלית, בהתנדבות וללא עלות.

On a link to the BuildZoom website
Is BuildZoom Worth It for Contractors?
They posted that my husband is a contractor from a personal fence project he did Twenty years ago when he lived in an HOA
Last month I googled my company's name