2020 us election results. 2020 Electoral College Results

The Trump campaign had alleged that its observers were not given access to observe the vote, but its lawyers admitted during the hearing that its observers were already present in the vote-counting room The Democratic Party won black voters by 75%, the lowest margin since
Trump's other environmental policies have included the removal of standards, and an expansion of mining Further information: of the states that for a person to serve as president, the individual must be a , be at least 35 years old, and have been a United States resident for at least 14 years

By the evening of November 4, the Associated Press reported that Biden had secured 264 electoral votes by winning Michigan and Wisconsin, with Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada remaining uncalled.

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Nebraska's electoral votes were proportionally awarded accordingly: for President, Trump 4 and Biden 1; for Vice President, Pence 4 and Harris 1
Senate and House elections 2020: full results for Congress
The system has held up well
US election results 2020: Joe Biden's defeat of Donald Trump
A comparison of the results of the 2016 and 2020 elections shows that the major factor that turned the election was the impact of the pandemic and the economic crisis on a substantial section of working class whites who cast their vote for Biden
In a victory declared after midnight, Trump won the swing state of Florida by over three percentage points, an increase from his 1 This assumption may change in response to early turnout reports
A December 2020 poll showed 77% of Republicans believe widespread fraud occurred during the election Trump also sought to overturn Biden's win by pressuring Kemp to call a special session of the so state legislators could override the Georgia election results and appoint a pro-Trump slate of electors, an entreaty rebuffed by Kemp

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2020 United States presidential election
Pressure on state and local officials As the Trump campaign's lawsuits were repeatedly rejected in court, Trump personally communicated with Republican local and state officials in at least three states, including state legislators, attorneys general, and governors who had supported him in the general election and continued to support him
2020 Electoral College Results
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2020 United States presidential election
Senator addresses a crowd celebrating in , shortly after the election was called for Biden